Practitioner Hub

ParkSeek is a cross-disciplinary collaboration of practitioners from the parks and recreation, public health, planning, environmental management, and business sectors. The project is intended to benefit Canadian practitioners by:

  • Providing new measures of geographic accessibility to parks and recreational facilities across Canada
  • Sharing insights on infrastructure quality, general perceptions, and visitor experiences in parks and recreational facilities
  • Creating a platform to share policies and programs that can address inequities in accessing and participating in parks and recreational facilities 

Tools, approaches, and methods developed from ParkSeek will be made available for practitioners to integrate them into their own activities. ParkSeek has the potential to demonstrate the health and wellbeing benefits from parks and recreational facilities, thus informing policies and programs that would help address overall population health and wellbeing.

In the future, this page will provide links to ParkSeek measures and tools, digestible findings from our research activities, and opportunities for further collaborations. Stay tuned for more!

ParkSeek benefits from collaboration with many practitioners, government entities, and community organizations, including:

  • Don Carrathurs Den Hoed – Canadian Parks Collective for Innovation and Leadership
  • Dawn Carr – Canadian Parks Council 
  • City of London (ON)
  • City of North Vancouver (BC)
  • Brent Hall – Esri Canada
  • Jon Salter – Esri Canada
  • Chloe Klopp – Goderich to Guelph (G2G) Rail Trail 
  • Metro Vancouver Regional Government (BC)
  • Steve Langlois – Monteith Brown Planning Consultants
  • Jake Tobin-Garret – Park People
  • Stephanie Stanov – Park People 
  • Justin Ellis – RC Strategies 

If you or your organization would like to become further involved with the ParkSeek project, please reach out to the management team at